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Dietary habits, not genes, to blame for your toothache, twin study shows


Your mother was right: The condition of your teeth depends on your dietary and oral hygiene habits, not your genes, according to a new study out Wednesday that looked at the role that genes and the oral microbiome play in the formation of cavities.

UNAIDS asks Chinese to produce drugs


The head of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS has called on China to boost prevention and control in Africa by encouraging the country's drugmakers to open production hubs on the continent.

China’s top health authority responds to suicide case of pregnant woman


The National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) on September 7 responded to the suicide case of the pregnant woman from Yulin, northwestern Shaanxi province, saying it has ordered the local health department to investigate the case, which has sparked outrage on Chinese social media.

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