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In a first for China, robot carries out rectal cancer surgery


A surgeon sits before the control desk of a da Vinci robotic surgical system.

White-collar workers increasingly unhealthy


Though the report also found that white-collar workers were paying increasing attention to their health-with about 84 percent saying they followed their condition closely or very closely-those with healthy lifestyles dropped to 64 percent last year from 77 percent in 2015.

Shanghai man uses new health law to win release from psychiatric hospital


In Xu's case, he was first sent to a regional hospital by his father and eldest brother for mental problems in 2001, when he persisted in appealing against the Australian immigration authority after he was repatriated to China for gambling and other misconduct.

Lung cancer rising, but not from smoking


Chinese health authorities are trying to figure out the reason for the rapid rise in a form of lung cancer that develops deep in the lung and is not associated with smoking.

Summer flu situation 'stable' in China, health authority says


The flu situation on the Chinese mainland has remained stable this summer, the National Health and Family Planning Commission said on August 10.

Guide to keep China's fitness campaign on track


"We will work with schools, fitness clubs and communities to make sure this guide reaches those who need it," added Gao Yuanyi, another official with the General Administration of Sport of China.

Medical staffs rush to Sichuan for rescue


Medical teams from the local hospitals and clinics were sent for rescue in Jiuzhaigou county in Southwest China's Sichuan province on August 9, 2017, after a 7.0-magnitude quake hit the area.

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