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China to improve media reports on adolescent health and development


Song said that adolescent health and development is crucial to social and economic development, and that the media's work is important to create a good environment for it.

Hospitals take aim at corruption


China's top health authority pledged on Monday to intensify the fight against irregularities in the health sector, such as doctors making money illegally through buying and prescribing drugs.

Vaccine to be tested


Poultry in two southern regions will begin receiving the first vaccine against the H7N9 bird flu virus early next month, as authorities look to control the spread of the potentially fatal disease.

Cui Li attends the 20th Anniversary Symposium of Lifeline Express project


Cui Li, vice-minister of the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC), attended the 20th Anniversary (1997-2017) Symposium of Lifeline Express project in Beijing on June 13.

App to aid diagnosis of skin diseases


A university hospital in Hunan province is developing an online service to accurately diagnose skin conditions in seconds, as well as offer advice on where to seek treatment.

Henan province pushes forward healthcare reform


All the cities of Henan province should fully carry out urban public hospital reform by the end of August and all the public hospitals should abolish the drug price markups system, according to a conference recently held by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Henan Province.

'Pandemic' possible with H7N9 virus


A study published by a prestigious international medical journal has warned that mutations in the bird flu H7N9 virus could lead to a "pandemic" that could cause sickness and death around the world.

China’s top health watchdog inspects disease prevention and treatment


An inspection team from China's top health watchdog learned about the prevention and treatment of echinococcosis, a parasitic tapeworm, in a local county in Southwest China's Sichuan province on June 9.

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