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Summary of China’s Migrant Population Report for 2013


Large-scale population mobility is a major aspect of China’s industrialization and urbanization.

China’s National Program for Food and Nutrition (2014-2020)


China’s economic and social development is at a crucial stage. With urban and rural residents’ incomes continuing to rise, people’s needs for food is rapidly shifting from simply securing enough food to eating healthier.

China's child mortality down by two-thirds since 1990


The mortality rate for children under five in China has dropped by more than two-thirds since 1990, while maternal mortality has been cut by 70 percent, said a report released by the world's leading independent charity, Save the Children, on Tuesday.

Govt to give public better access to low-price drugs


A multidepartment effort has been introduced to give the public better access to commonly used medications at a relatively low price.

New rule to target medical tool safety


A new regulation governing the supervision and management of medical equipment has been unveiled to ensure safety and effectiveness and encourage innovation.

China sets up organ procurement organization alliance


China has set up an organ procurement organization alliance to help smooth the process of organ donations, distribution and transplants, a senior health official said.

China to improve population forecasting


China is set to introduce a population projection to better guide government decision-making.

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