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An introduction to the Patriotic Health Work


Over the years, with the CPC Central Committee and State Council attaching great importance to it and with national leaders showing concern for the public, the main content of the Patriotic Health Campaign has always been to solve prominent health problems arising from the people's productive activities and everyday life.

BRICS countries call for united action to advance global progress against tuberculosis


BRICS countries have joined together on World TB Day to call for united action against tuberculosis (TB), a disease responsible for more deaths in the last 200 years than any other disease.

An Introduction to the Prevention and Control of Vector-Transmitted Diseases


Since 2005, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention has been monitoring major vector species on a countrywide basis, with the monitoring network covering 43 prefecture-level cities in 19 provinces (municipalities).

2014 food safety guideline issues


Authorities will launch nationwide inspections on edible agricultural products, infant formula, livestock and poultry slaughtering, meat products and cooking oil in order to clean up production processes and crack down on illegal operations.

The progress of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme (NRCMS) in 2013 and major tasks in 2014


In 2013, the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme ran smoothly. Management and the overall system was improved, covering a large rural population that enjoyed more benefits, especially with a higher level of medical insurance for serious illnesses.

Summary of China’s Migrant Population Report for 2013


Large-scale population mobility is a major aspect of China’s industrialization and urbanization.

China’s National Program for Food and Nutrition (2014-2020)


China’s economic and social development is at a crucial stage. With urban and rural residents’ incomes continuing to rise, people’s needs for food is rapidly shifting from simply securing enough food to eating healthier.

China's child mortality down by two-thirds since 1990


The mortality rate for children under five in China has dropped by more than two-thirds since 1990, while maternal mortality has been cut by 70 percent, said a report released by the world's leading independent charity, Save the Children, on Tuesday.

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