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Wang Jian’an – pioneer in heart treatment


Wang Jian’an is president of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and director of its heart treatment center.

Jin Wenwei from the Chinese medical team to Central African Republic: Symbol of China-Africa friendship


Jin Wenwei is a chief physician at the radiology department of the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University. Jin has served as a member of the Chinese medical team to Central African Republic for four times.

Wu Mengchao,a lifetime devotion to people’s health


Wu has devoted his life to serve the Chinese Communist Party and the public for the past 68 years.

Wang Zhengyan,helping patients recover without unnecessary costs


At 58 years old, Wang has been practicing medicine for 28 years. She insists on the belief of helping patients recover without unnecessary costs. None of her prescriptions exceeds 80 Yuan ($12.84), and her cheapest prescription cost less than 1 yuan.

Jia Liqun,helps patients with a benevolent mind


Jia has helped many patients over the past 36 years with a benevolent mind and art. He works around the clock, has made accurate diagnoses for more than 70,000.

Doctor a hero to rural Xinjiang community


In the Kazakh language, baerluke means abundant, rich and having all that's needed.

Doctor with a cure


A Hong Kong born doctor who spent much of his professional life in the United Kingdom thinks a new approach to medical care could be the answer to China's fraught hospital system.

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