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School for students with HIV


"With the development of medical technology, HIV/AIDS is not as terrible as before. However, a 'virus' is still rampant among us, and that causes a kind of 'discrimination'. Someone has to face it, and lead us to wipe it out. Let's get to know one such school master."

Doctor helps scoliosis patients stand tall


Each time I see a patient who can stand on his own feet, I feel very happy. When one of them gains normal ability, a disabled person disappears in China.

My greatest joy is personal connection to patients


Now, family doctors are becoming increasingly popular in Beijing because they provide many benefits.

Surgical pioneer mentored young doctors


Doctor Huang Zhiqiang had a simple funeral. He left his body for medical research.

Ouyang Heng- candidate for National Models Dedicated to their Careers


Ouyang Heng, born in 1939, has been working as a dermatologist in traditional Chinese medicine for 50 years.

Zhong Jing - candidate for National Models Dedicated to Their Careers


Zhong Jing, who was born in October 1982, owns a health service office in a village in southwest Guizhou province, Southwest China.

Wang Jian’an – pioneer in heart treatment


Wang Jian’an is president of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and director of its heart treatment center.

Jin Wenwei from the Chinese medical team to Central African Republic: Symbol of China-Africa friendship


Jin Wenwei is a chief physician at the radiology department of the Affiliated Hospital of Hangzhou Normal University. Jin has served as a member of the Chinese medical team to Central African Republic for four times.

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