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Li Bin


Li Bin, Minister and Secretary of Party Leadership Group of National Health and Family Planning Commission; in charge of NHFPC and the Department of Human Resources.

Wang Guoqiang


In charge of traditional Chinese medicine management, maternal and child health and family planning technical service, the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, and the National Population and Family Planning Commission’s Contraceptive Management Center.

Ma Xiaowei


Responsible for Department of Hospital Administration, Department of Rural and Community Health, Department of International Cooperation (the Office for Exchange with HK, Macao and Taiwan), Beijing Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, National Medical Examination Center, the Hospital Management Research Center of the Ministry of Health, and the International Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Health

Wang Pei’an


In charge of family planning guidance, family development, and migrant population service and management.

Cui Li


In charge of the General Office, Department of Communications, the Party Committee, China Health Education Center (Information Office of the Ministry of Health), Health Newspaper Office, People's Medical Publishing House Ltd, China Population Communication Center (CPCC), Chinese Population News Agency, Human Culture Development Center of NHFPC and Chinese Population Press.

Li Wusi


Li Wusi, male and ethnic Han, was born in May 1954, in Hebei province's Quyang county. He began work in July 1970 and joined the Chinese Communist Party in May 1974.

Wu Zhen


Wu Zhen, male and ethnic Han, was born in May 1958 in Jiangxi province's Nanfeng. Wu began work in August 1975 and is a member of Communist Party of China.

Jin Xiaotao


Vice-minister, member of the Party Leadership Group of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, head of the Department of Personnel

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