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China’s cancer prevention and treatment three-year action plan (2015-2017)


The action plan is designed to protect people’s health by strengthening and improving cancer prevention and control at work and elsewhere.

Core information and interpretation of scientific medical and health education


Scientific medical treatment choice refers to the rational use of medical and health resources and choosing appropriate medical and health services to effectively prevent and treat disease and maintain health.

Notice on fully improving the integrative competence of county-level hospitals


By means of construction, training and subsidies, our goals are to improve county-level hospital (including county hospitals and hospitals of Chinese medicine) capacity construction with talent, technology and featured clinical subjects at the core.

Notice on Disease Emergency Fund Application and Payment Work


China established a disease emergency rescue system in 2013 and aimed to solve medical emergency problems for patients who are not identified or can’t afford relevant expenses.

Notice on strengthening school foodborne disease monitoring and drinking water hygiene


All regions should pay attention to foodborne disease monitoring and drinking water hygiene management work

Notice on carrying out hospital infection management training work at community-level medical institutes


China's hospital infection management system has gradually improved in recent years, and prevention and control ability has continued to strengthen.

Notice on NHFPC releasing core information about elderly health


To strengthen health awareness among the elderly, carry out health education for the elderly, appeal to society to care for the elderly and upgrade elderly health conditions, the NHFPC has compiled the core information about elderly health.

Notice on the preparation for Ebola hemorrhagic fever treatment


Local health and family planning departments should prepare medical resources for treatment according to the relevant notice and technical proposal released by the NHFPC.

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