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Health reforms just the start: report


China needs to further reform its health system with a number of critical steps to meet the growing health needs of the population and further control spending increases.

Global problem requires concerted worldwide response, scientists say


The upcoming G20 meeting will provide a great opportunity for the world's 20 leading economies to elevate the global response to antimicrobial resistance, including healthcare, surveillance and research, and appropriate countermeasures.

Antibiotic resistance poses fatal threat


As the use of antibiotics at China's healthcare facilities comes under increasingly strict control, public health experts at home and abroad are turning their attention to agriculture and calling for enhanced management to prevent potential overuse in the sector.

Amended policy yields increase in demand for services


With the adoption of the universal second-child policy, the number of couples seeking assisted reproductive technologies is rising rapidly in China.

China sees aging population increase


There were 222 million people aged 60 or above in China at the end of 2015, 16.1 percent of the total population, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Monday.

China reports fewer 'left-behind children'


China recorded about 560,000 fewer rural "left-behind" children in 2015 than the year before, and more moved to cities to live with their parents, the Ministry of Education said on Wednesday.

Drug price reform will 'improve services'


China's top pricing regulator launched a new round of drug pricing and healthcare financing reform on Wednesday in the latest attempt to improve the nation's public healthcare system.

Survey finds family key to happiness


The family is an important determinant of happiness. Therefore the government should intensify its policies and measures supporting families and facilitating family development

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