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Surgery in close up


I am sitting in "business class" in a DC-10, looking up at a screen so big that all 45 of us here could watch an in-flight movie on it together.

Vision for the future


Flying Hospital has traveled to more than 90 countries, treating patients and teaching doctors how to detect early signs of vision problems. Mike Peters reports from Jinan, Shandong province.

Safety management system for newborns in medical institutions (for trial implementation)


In recent years, some medical institutions were exposed of misconduct in safety management for newborns. To strengthen their safety management and eliminate potential dangers, the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) of the People’s Republic of China formulated a safety management system for newborns in medical institutions (for trial implementation).

China to compile guidebook on traditional Chinese medicine


Chinese experts plan to compile a guidebook for clinical application of ready-made traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for treating infectious diseases.

China's child mortality down by two-thirds since 1990


The mortality rate for children under five in China has dropped by more than two-thirds since 1990, while maternal mortality has been cut by 70 percent, said a report released by the world's leading independent charity, Save the Children, on Tuesday.

Health official: Iodine intake level safe


China will stick to a wide use of iodized salt, and the current level of iodine intake is safe, said a health official, dismissing reports that linked salt iodization to increasing thyroid cancer cases.

China raises alert against surging cancer crisis


A week-long campaign was held in Beijing to boost public awareness of cancer prevention and control, addressing a growing health crisis the country cannot afford to ignore.

Doctor a hero to rural Xinjiang community


In the Kazakh language, baerluke means abundant, rich and having all that's needed.

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