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Vice-premier calls for food-safety credit system


Vice-Premier Wang Yang urged food safety authorities to hasten the establishment of a credit system to better inform the public of both the good and bad producers.

Comprehensive ban sought on tobacco ads, promotion


Public health and tobacco control activists called for a comprehensive ban on all forms of tobacco advertising and promotion.

'Fruit and vegetable day' aims to raise awareness


The National Health and Family Planning Commission has partnered with nutrition improvement civil societies to launch a "fruit and vegetable day", in a bid to raise public awareness of good health.

Big data could help battle flu outbreaks


Search engine to cooperate with health authorities in disease control

TCM tips aimed at improving people's health


The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the National Health and Family Planning Commission have jointly publicized messages on TCM and health preservation.

67th World Health Assembly unveils in Geneva


The 67th World Health Assembly kicks off on Monday to discuss the key global health issues, such as the post-2015 health development agenda and progress towards UN Millennium Development Goals.

WHO reports increases for global life expectancy


The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday said the global life expectancy witnesses "large" gain for children born in 2012 than that born in 1990.

China’s National Program for Food and Nutrition (2014-2020)


China’s economic and social development is at a crucial stage. With urban and rural residents’ incomes continuing to rise, people’s needs for food is rapidly shifting from simply securing enough food to eating healthier.

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