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Guideline targets improving healthcare


The State Council has approved a guideline mapping out medical services over the next five years to optimize medical resources and make health services more accessible.

Management regulation on pre-hospital emergency care


The term pre-hospital emergency care refers to all medical care provided to patients in the out-of-hospital environment.

Guidelines on strengthening family planning work at the community level


The 18th Party Congress has made it clear that the country will stick to the basic State policy of family planning, improve the quality of newborns, upgrade the current policy and seek long-term balanced population development.

H7N9 bird flu prevention and control program


The program is based on the Notice on Management Adjustment in Some Notifiable Diseases (National Health and Disease Control No 28, 2013), and aims to standardize the discovery, report, epidemiological investigation, laboratory test, virus monitoring and close contacts management prevention and control of H7N9 bird flu, as well as safeguard public health and life.

Regulation on medical records management in medical institutions


The administrative provisions were made to strengthen medical record management at medical institutions, ensure medical quality and safety, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of doctors and patients.

Opinions on speeding up non-public investment in health development


Speeding up non-public medical development is integral to deepening medical and health system reform and promoting health services development. It is an important measure to shift the health development pattern and optimize health resources allocation.

Notice on adjusting management of some notifiable infectious diseases by the National Health and Family Planning Commission


Human H7N9 bird flu was classified as a category B notifiable infectious disease. Influenza A (H1N1) was switched from category B to C and put under existing flu management. The prevention and control measures for category A infectious diseases were removed from the highly pathogenic avian influenza for humans.

Opinions on family planning policy towards overseas Chinese


Chinese mainland shall abide by the population and family planning provisions at their registered permanent residence. If children are all settled abroad, the couple can give birth again in the Chinese mainland.

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