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Top 10 health news in 2014


Ebola broke out in West Africa in March 2014. China set up a preventive working system made up of 22 departments including the NHFPC to cope with Ebola hemorrhagic fever.

Achievements of China's healthcare reform


On April 6, 2009, the State Council issued new healthcare reform ideas that China would take to offer unified disease prevention and control, maternal and child healthcare, health education and other basic health services to urban and rural residents from 2009.

Hypnotherapist offers stress relief


Xiao Dan lolled on a sofa, droopy-eyed and slack-jawed, as Fang Xin spoke in a quiet, rhythmic voice next to her.

Don't call it women's work


Men are entering the nursing profession in greater numbers and gaining acceptance among patients.

Govt to give public better access to low-price drugs


A multidepartment effort has been introduced to give the public better access to commonly used medications at a relatively low price.

When an only child dies, hope evaporates


After six months of self-imposed seclusion following the unexpected death of her son, Zhang Liying was determined to muster the courage to have another child.

TCM herbs need strict oversight regimen


Amid concerns over soil pollution and use of pesticide, the government should strengthen oversight of ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, industry insiders suggested.

Private players offer new treatment


New companies, investors provide prescription for major change in medical services

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