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NHFPC holds activity in Henan to publicize birth defects prevention


The National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) together with the Chinese Birth Defects Intervention Relief Foundation held a public welfare activity in Zhengzhou, Henan province on December 16 to publicize birth defects prevention.

China promotes new ideas for family planning policy


China held a video conference on December 6 in Beijing, promoting the new family planning policy with two children at its core.

China holds forum on migrant population


China held its first ever forum on the health and development of the migrant population on Nov 26 in Beijing as part of the implementation of the Health China blueprint initiated by China’s top leadership.

Vision for hukou reform


The publication of a State Council document on reform of China's household registration system, or hukou, on Wednesday marks the beginning of a phase, in which the long discussed vision of a fairer system will gradually materialize.

Xi urged hukou reform in 2001 PhD paper


A PhD dissertation written by President Xi Jinping 13 years ago, in which he urged reform of the hukou, or household registration system, was made public on Wednesday.

Summary of China’s Migrant Population Report for 2013


Large-scale population mobility is a major aspect of China’s industrialization and urbanization. In 2012, the migrant population reached 236 million, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, meaning one out of six people falls into the category.

When an only child dies, hope evaporates


After six months of self-imposed seclusion following the unexpected death of her son, Zhang Liying was determined to muster the courage to have another child.

China to improve population forecasting


China is set to introduce a population projection and assessment mechanism to better guide government decision-making in resource allocation and reproduction policies, according to a national political adviser.

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