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China’s vector-borne disease prevention and control


China has a variety of vectors, widely distributed and spread. They increase risk and add to the increasingly deteriorating drug resistance.

Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and control


TB is a chronic infectious disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis that does damage to organs. The lungs take the brunt of the virus, and it’s called TB when lungs are infected.

National notifiable diseases overview in March 2014


In March 2014 (from zero o’clock of March 1 to 24 o’clock of March 31), the Chinese mainland reported 559,816 cases of notifiable diseases, and 1,366 people died.

Core information of chronic disease prevention and treatment


Cardio-cerebrovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases plague a wide range of people and remain a high fatality rate. They cause serious damage to health and life and place a heavy burden on individuals, families and society.

Experts urge heart disease prevention


With one death every 10 seconds from cardiovascular disease in China, top experts are urging enhanced efforts toward prevention and intervention.

Intervention needed to stem rise in cancer


A new report says the number of cases of the disease in China is increasing and - unless there is timely intervention - this will become a major public health challenge.

Watch out for dengue, malaria, public told


China's top health authority has issued a public alert for dengue fever and malaria, which pose a risk to more than half the world's population.

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