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Department of Communications


Drafting goals, plans, policies and standards for health and family planning publicity, public health education and health promotion; undertaking health and family planning science popularization, news and information release.

Department of Health Science, Technology and Education


Drafting health and family planning science and technology development plans and related policies, implementing relevant scientific research projects, new technology assessment management and scientific research base construction

Department of International Cooperation(Office of Hong Kong, Macao & Taiwan Affairs)


Guiding health and family planning international communication and cooperation; foreign publicity and foreign aid; carrying out exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

CPC Committee of NHFPC


Being responsible for Party-masses work of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and directly affiliated institutions in Beijing.

Bureau of Retired Officials


Being responsible for services and management of retired officials in NHFPC, Guiding the relevant work of directly affiliated institutions.

General Office


Being responsible for documents processing, meetings, confidential work, archives, supervision and other daily operations of the National Health and Family Planning Commission; Investigating and researching on major issues ; drafting important documents; and taking care of making government affairs transparent, security and confidentiality, and letters and calls.

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