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Guide to keep China's fitness campaign on track

Sun Xiaochen

(China Daily)

Updated: 2017-08-10

China published its first National Fitness Guide on August 10, aiming to promote a scientific approach to staying in shape.

The guide includes methods to test athletic ability, explanations on the health benefits of various exercises, and suggestions on how long and how intense someone should work out based on their age.

"Despite growing public participation in sports and exercise, the lack of scientific guidance is taking a toll on China's mass fitness campaign and occasionally hurting people. So such a guide is critical," said Tian Ye, an official with the General Administration of Sport of China.

The guide was compiled by the China Institute of Sport Science and several universities using 15 years' worth of data.

It will be published online soon, with print versions to be handed out at health promotion events nationwide.

"We will work with schools, fitness clubs and communities to make sure this guide reaches those who need it," added Gao Yuanyi, another official with the General Administration of Sport of China.


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