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36-day old baby ‘in stable condition’ after rescue

Jiang Xingguang


Updated: 2017-06-26


A 36-day old baby boy is rescued from the landslide site with his parents on June 24.

A 36-day old baby boy who was rescued from the Southwest China landslide site with his parents is in stable condition, according to local media reports.

The boy, nicknamed Chunchun, was rescued five hours after the landslide struck.

At the Maoxian county people's hospital, Southwest China’s Sichuan province, X-rays showed that the boy had pneumonia. There was also dust and dirt in his mouth and nose.

That same evening a treatment plan was finalized after remote consultation by doctors from several hospitals.

Duan Hongyu, a pediatrician, and Yang Lin, a PICU nurse from West China Second University Hospital, reached the Maoxian people's hospital near the disaster site at 10:30 pm.

Doctors said that the baby needed to be transferred to West China Second University Hospital after initial treatment for pneumonia as he had inhaled dust and muddy water.

He was quiet throughout the transfer and has been under intensive care by a special team at the hospital since noon of June 25.

The boy needs to undergo a general physical check-up, including blood tests and a chest examination, according to Duan.

"We need to comfort the baby's mother mentally," said Wang Suxia from the West China Second University Hospital. She said that it is important for the further treatment of the baby.

The baby's father has also been transferred to the hospital for further check-up and treatment.


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