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Documentary to show real doctor-patient ties

Jiang Xingguang


Updated: 2017-03-30

A six-episode documentary portraying the real lives of doctors was launched on March 18 in Beijing, reported China Youth Daily.


The launching ceremony of a six-episode documentary on doctor-patient relationships is held on March 18 in Beijing.

The protagonists of the documentary are from departments which are usually under huge working pressure, such as emergency treatment, pediatrics and gynecology.

Six top grade hospitals in China's 3-tier system -- including the West China Hospital and the Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital -- were chosen as the settings.

Mao Qunan, director-general of the Department of Communications with the National Health and Family Planning Commission, said the documentary will help promote understanding from the points of view of both the public and doctors.

"I hope more professionals and social organizations will get involved and contribute to harmonious doctor-patient relationships and the building of Healthy China," said Mao.

The documentary focuses on important moments of suffering, life and death of ordinary people in the hospital, according to Deng Haihua, head of Health New.

"We hope it will become a reflection of hospitals in the social reform process," said Deng, noting that "the realities of the medical industry can be portrayed, so that patients and doctors can understand more about each other."


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