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Raising awareness for chronic diseases prevention


Updated: 2017-03-20

During the two sessions, NPC deputies and CPPCC members gave remarks on chronic disease prevention. They said that "Healthy China" has been elevated to be a national strategy, and that chronic disease prevention and control is one of its key tasks, which should be a shared responsibility of the whole society.

Lin Shaobin, CPPCC member and vice-president of Fuzhou Second Hospital affiliated with Xiamen University, held the opinion that health managers are professionals who supervise, analyze, and assess people's health condition and keep people away from diseases and bad lifestyles.

"To teach health management is important in upgrading people's health conditions, which can raise people’s awareness of health and change their bad lifestyles as well as control people's diseases at their early stages." Lin advised that medical colleges should set up the major of health management and specify the professional standards of health managers.

Zhang Boli, NPC deputy and academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent and control chronic diseases. Zhang suggested that TCM's use of acupuncture, manipulation, herbal tea, and herb balms should be listed as treatment options for chronic diseases at community-level medical institutions. 

"Health department should adjust their medicare payment policies and raise the proportion of reimbursement for non-medicine therapy. TCM service should be included in the national preventive medical system and covered under the national medical insurance system, which can reimburse full or half amounts of medical costs of TCM," Zhang said.

Song Wanyong, NPC deputy and president of Zhaotong Chinese Medicine Hospital of Yunnan province proposed to carry out the promotion activity of "International Self-health Care Day" in China, raising the public’s awareness of self-health care and encouraging more medical professionals to support and promote self-health care projects.  


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