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Taking measures to control cardiovascular diseases


Updated: 2017-03-15

During the Two Sessions, NPC deputies and CPPCC members gave their remarks on chronic disease prevention. They thought that "Healthy China" has been positioned as a national strategy and chronic disease prevention and control is one of its key tasks, which should be a shared responsibility of the whole society.

Ge Junbo, CPPCC member and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that prevention of hypertension and diabetes has improved since the two chronic diseases were included in the project for equalization of basic public health services in 2009. "But, the public still lacks the awareness of cholesterol's hazards," Ge said. 

Ge's remark was echoed by Huo Yong, CPPCC member and professor of Peking University First Hospital. "The mortality caused by cardiovascular diseases has increasingly risen without any trend of decrease because high cholesterol is a very important reason contributing to the situation." Huo said that in the past 20 years, cardiovascular patients in Beijing mostly suffered from coronary heart disease, with 77 percent of them caused by high cholesterol level. "The public health screening hasn't included cholesterol level check so far."

According to Huo, if the public health screening project included blood lipid test, it is expected to reduce coronary disease by 30 to 40 percent. "The patients who have already taken hypertension and diabetes tests only need to increase their payment by one more yuan per year to receive blood lipid tests." Huo hopes that lipid screening can be included in the national public health services as soon as possible.

Ge also had the same expectation as Huo. He suggested that residents who are older than 45 years old should receive free lipid screening in order to reduce the incidence of hypertension and dyslipidemia as well as the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes in diabetic patients.

The prevention and control of hypertension, high cholesterol and hyperlipemia (3H for short) needs policy and financial support from the State Council. Ge proposed to list of special funds from the budget of public health services for the control of 3H. Community-level hospitals should be the main force to carry out the 3H control project, reducing the incidences of heart attacks and strokes, and to reduce patients' medical expenses, he said. 


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