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Four 'magical' TCM solutions to beat the heat

Updated: 2016-07-27

Although it's wise not to venture out when the outside temperature is reaching boiling point, staying indoors 24/7 is also not possible. So what's the solution? Well, like everything else in life, internet seems to have the answer.


Apart from joking that they would live forever anywhere that has air conditioning and Wi-Fi, online users are also sharing and saving "magical" solutions that can beat the scorching heat.

Some traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) recommendations stand out not only because those in China swear by them but also because those living abroad believe in them.

Dragon & Tiger balm is one such ointment. It contains many herbal formulas, such as menthol, camphor and mint oil, that its fans claim keep their skin cool.

The balm is commonly applied on temples to keep the body cool and refreshed. Some also use it as a mosquito repellent due to its strong smell and also to ease carsickness.

Many foreigners also love the balm. On Amazon.com, several claim it helps in reducing shoulder pain, migraine and Sciatica.

A user called "Liz Hart" praising the medicine said: "[It] has changed my life. It helps in Sciatica like nothing else."

The ointment is widely known from Asia to Africa where heat and mosquitoes are eternal companions.

Many people online said their Asian and African friends enthusiastically buy lots of balm in China and take it back home as gift.

But the balm is not the only 'hot' summer item. The best seller is Chinese brand Liushen florida water.

It has a long history of dominating the domestic market as mosquito repellent and eliminating prickly heat.

In case you are wondering how can water repel mosquitoes or eliminate prickly heat, trust us it's not a joke.

Many internet users shared their experience on Sina Weibo of using the Liushen water, which contains menthol and ethanol, to cool off in summer.

A user said: "I poured half a bottle into my bath. Then I started shivering as it had turned the water so cold. And the shivering didn't stop even when I went outside in 40 degree Celsius."

Another said: "I applied it on my body when I was using shower gel. It worked so well that I had to wrap myself in a blanket to keep warm while it was 40 degrees outside."

However, foreigners have a completely different take.

On an online perfume forum in Iowa, most online users thought it was cologne or even aftershave.

Someone was shocked when they discovered that the water was actually advertised as a mosquito repellent, a pitch that made the product more mysterious.

Similar to Liushen florida water, Fengyoujing is also menthol water, although not as expensive as Liushen.


Many Chinese working abroad began buying it as gift when Fengyoujing accidentally became popular in Libya.

Last but not least, there's still a product people can use to beat the heat, especially sunstroke.

But the ultimate honor when it comes to beating the heat, especially sunstroke, goes to a product that is a nightmare for millions of Chinese.

Huoxiangzhengqi water, a kind of TCM concoction made by many herbs, has tested the will of millions of people with its bitter and spicy taste.

It is claimed that it's the best medicine to fight diarrhea and emesis in summer.

Try these four "magical" solutions, and then tell us how your summer went.


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