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Major tasks in medical and healthcare reform for 2015

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Updated: 2015-05-25

I. Comprehensively deepen public hospital reform.

1. Reform the system which ties hospital revenues and staff income to drug prescriptions, and establish scientific compensation.

2. Straighten out medical service prices.

3. Reform personnel allocation.

4. Establish a salary system in accordance with the healthcare industry.

5. Optimize structure and layout of medical and healthcare resources.

6. Establish and improve hospital management.

7. Strengthen performance appraisals and evaluation.

II. Improve public medical insurance

8. Improve financing and management.

9. Fully implement serious illness insurance for urban and rural residents, and improve safeguards against major critical diseases.

10. Deepen medical insurance payment reform.

11. Develop commercial medical insurance.

III. Encourage nonpublic medical services.

12. Improve nonpublic medical service development policy.

13. Strengthen supervision and management, and standardize service behavior.

IV. Improve drug supply safeguards

14. Implement centralized drug purchases at public hospitals.

15. Reform pharmaceutical production and circulation.

16. Reform drug pricing.

17. Safeguard drug supply and distribution. 18. Improve new medicine and medical equipment review systems.

V. Improve the tiered system of medical care

19. Upgrade service capacity at community level.

20. Establishment a system featuring first diagnosis at community hospitals and two-way referrals.

VI. Reform primary care institutes.

21. Motivate communities.

22. Strengthen rural doctor teams.

23. Boost equal access to basic public health services.

VII. Push a whole range of reforms.

24. Push for health informatization.

25. Strengthen health personnel team building.

26. Improve medical and healthcare supervision.

27. Strengthen leadership and related work.


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