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Notice for activities on China’s iodine deficiency disorder prevention day


Updated: 2014-06-09

May 15 this year marks the 21st Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Day in China. The theme for this year’s prevention day, which is dedicated to spreading awareness about the dangers of a diet with insufficient amounts of iodine, is to keep iodine intake at a healthy level to ensure good mental development. In order to carry out a well-organized promotional activity, please pay attention to the following matters:

First, departments of the National Health and Family Planning Commission at all levels need to attach great importance to the promotion of China’s Iodine Deficiency Disorder Prevention Day. Local bureaus need to strengthen the organization and coordination for this promotional campaign and step up cooperation with other departments, such as the education authority and industry and information technology department, to form a joint force. Under the support of disease prevention and control centers at all levels and with the help of salt companies all over China, the campaign needs to spread basic information on how to prevent iodine deficiency to the public via newspapers, radios, television networks and the Internet.

Second, to secure a good result for this campaign, each region needs to set up its own promotional plan based on its individual situation. More efforts need to be done in poor areas and remote areas through securing policy support and financial support. Carrying out different campaigns for different age groups, such as teachers and students, is important. For those regions that have demand for non-iodized salt, it is necessary to take measures, such as through newspapers, to make the public aware of the locations to purchase non-iodized salt.

Third, the campaign is a good opportunity to find out the actual situation in iodine deficiency disease prevention in China. It is key to setting up a long-term mechanism to cope with problems that are found in the monitoring and evaluation process.


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