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Wu Mengchao,a lifetime devotion to people’s health


Updated: 2014-05-27

Founder of China’s hepatic surgery, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital of Second Military Medical University, Wu Mengchao has devoted his life to serve people’s health for 68 years. He independently made more than 30 medical innovations and contributed to the establishment and development of China’s hepatic surgery, helping it reach an advanced level worldwide. On May 10, 2011, a meeting to promote Wu’s prominent deeds was held in the Great Hall of the People.

Wu Mengchao: A lifetime devotion to people’s health

“Looking back, I'm very grateful to the four choices I made. Choosing to return to China, which gave my ideals furtile soil; choosing to be a doctor, which gave me a platform to pursue my dreams; choosing to follow the Party, which gave me sublime faith in life; choosing to join the army, a great school for me to grow up in. If there is a recipe for my success, the four choices are all key ingredients.”

Time really waits for no man, and now I'm 90 years old. But I think I still have too many things to do in a short time. Especially at present, surgery is the main approach to treat liver cancer in China, and there are many difficulties in basic research and drug development. As long as liver cancer exists, I will fight it along with my colleagues. I have committed myself to people’s health when I swore into the Party. As a doctor, I will devote my life to fulfill this commitment!

Liu Zhenquan, president of Second Military Medical University: How can Wu Mengchao perform miracles?

Over the years, many people wanted to know how Wu could perform miracles. Is it because of his wisdom and knowledge, or his medical ethics and skill, or his diligence and health? Technically, none of them are the real reason. Throughout Wu’s life, the fundamental power for him to create miracles is his love for the Party, the country and people. It’s his commitment to the Party that made it a top honor for him to glorify the Party; it’s his deep love of the country that made him fight for China; it’s his love of people that made serving the people his greatest joy.

Cheng Yue’e, head nurse, tells of Wu’s noble manner and spirit

As an expert in hepatobiliary surgery, the operation room is his main stage and an arena for him to fight disease, said Cheng.

“I was lucky to work with Wu since 1986, when I was as an instrument assistance. We have been in more than 5,000 operations,” Cheng said.

“I’m moved and encouraged by his noble manner and spirit in the past 25 years.”

Cheng explained that what makes Wu stand out is his extremely careful and responsible attitude.

Wu often said that every operation matters to a patient’s life, and there is no room for any slip ups, according to Cheng.

Wang Hongyang: Wu’s three important choices

“In our eyes, Wu’s noble quality, manner and spirit, as well as his erudition, is a thick book worth reading,” said Wang Xiyang, Wu’s student and partner.

Wu fostered us in a way that benefits us in life and is unforgettable, according to Wang.

“What I admire about him most is that he always looked to the future and focused on talent cultivation,” said Wang.

 His important three choices in critical moments have won universal praise.

Wang Tiantian: Patients trust Wu with their lives

Patients trust Wu with their lives because he respects every life and never gives up. “For many years, Wu’s story and words rang in my ears, and I think he not only gave me a new lease on life but also on my spirit and soul,” said Wang Tiantian, one of Wu’s patient.

“Wu has made me think of the meaning of life and how a man should spend his life. I cherish the life he gave me, and that life means even more.”


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