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Bureau of Medical Administration


Updated: 2014-05-23


General Office, Division of Medical Resources, Division of Medical Institutions, Division of Medical Care Quality, Division of Medical Treatment and Nursing, Division of Medical Safety and Blood, Division of Comprehensive Evaluation

Major responsibilities

Drafting and implementing policies, standards and norms for medical institutions, medical technology, medical care quality, medical safety and services, and blood bank management; drafting professional and service standards for medical staff; drafting management methods for medical institutions and services and supervising their implementation; guiding pharmaceutical clinical laboratory management; managing drugs and medical device clinical trials; supervising and guiding the national medical institution review; and drafting policies for public hospital operation supervision, performance evaluation and appraisals


Wang Yu Director-General

Zhou Jun Commissioner (DG level)

Zhao Minggang Deputy Director-General

Guo Yanhong Deputy Director-General

Tel: +86(10)68792204

Fax: +86(10)68792513



Link: China's Central Government / World Health Organization / United Nations Population Fund / UNICEF in China

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